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Who the fuck has a live band in a residential neighborhood at midnight on a Tuesday?
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So, I'm apparently unable to focus on my big bang, and I'm hoping by doing something short, I'll jump start my head.

From [ profile] emungere and [ profile] lady_ganesh:

Give me a character/pairing and a theme/object and I'll write you a ficlet about a dream.
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I was going to post something ranty, instead, I'll just post this
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The shine has worn off the game that's been distracting me for the last couple of days.

Some asshole 10x my size has been raiding my city (in this game that's setting your army to keep attacking until all their shit is gone, or you turn it off). It's like dude, I know that's how the game is played. I know you can do this because you have like 100 armies you can send out at the same time so there's no cost to you for doing it, but seriously what items can I possibly have that makes you keep attacking?

I think I'd be less annoyed if there was any way to grow your town without paying ridiculous amounts of real world money to get items, and even that wouldn't bother me so much if the game wasn't buggy as hell and the items I did spend actual money on hadn't disappeared from my inventory.

I really just want to play an offline version of this where I compete against a computer, not against dickbag gamers who want to pwn n00bs.

Well, at least now I should be able to get back to my big bang.
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I love when I realize days later the way I said something made me sound like a bit of a dick.

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Why is it so hard for people to understand, that exposure of your work doesn't count, if you receive no benefit from it.
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4077 words of outline for the Merlin big bang.

I'm going to spend tomorrow not writing, and playing with my new pressure cooker.


Mar. 6th, 2013 12:15 pm
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I can hear the kids in packaging talking about Potter Puppet Pals.
I've missed having a workplace where nerd talk happened.
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Thanks 'dog, you give the best presents XD
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So I was cleaning out my inbox, and accidentally deleted comments from some of my posts.
If you notice I deleted one of yours, I'm sorry.
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I'm not usually one for this is my life posts, but I'm feeling the need to whine. There's been a few things that are just so wtf, I'm not sure how to process them and I think I need to just babble for a bit.

Thank god this week is almost over... )

tl;dr I'm tired, and whiny, and can my parcel service just show the fuck up already so I can go home.and I have NO IDEA what time the shipping clerk told them we close, but they're not here yet, and I may have to have a conversation with that girl that she needs to tell people we close at 4.


Jan. 6th, 2013 12:39 pm
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I'm probably certifiable, since trope_bingo runs concurrent with [ profile] paperlegends, but I really need to make myself finish something this year.

au: daemons au: historical huddle for warmth handcuffed / bound together amnesia
cross-dressing virginfic / secretly a virgin au: band au: coffee shop kidfic
au: circus holiday FREE

animal transformation au: steampunk
au: fantasy sharing a bed poker/strip poker fusion fake relationship
au: cop / detective accidental marriage au: college / highschool rivals to lovers sex pollen
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Check the Testimony

Someone Told Me to Feel Good
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You know LJ is dead when the news that Disney bought Lucasfilm doesn't break the site.
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