Mar. 26th, 2013

nina_vendredi: (Hello Neighbor)
The shine has worn off the game that's been distracting me for the last couple of days.

Some asshole 10x my size has been raiding my city (in this game that's setting your army to keep attacking until all their shit is gone, or you turn it off). It's like dude, I know that's how the game is played. I know you can do this because you have like 100 armies you can send out at the same time so there's no cost to you for doing it, but seriously what items can I possibly have that makes you keep attacking?

I think I'd be less annoyed if there was any way to grow your town without paying ridiculous amounts of real world money to get items, and even that wouldn't bother me so much if the game wasn't buggy as hell and the items I did spend actual money on hadn't disappeared from my inventory.

I really just want to play an offline version of this where I compete against a computer, not against dickbag gamers who want to pwn n00bs.

Well, at least now I should be able to get back to my big bang.


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