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Ukoku/Koumyou claim
Cut for NSFW

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Dream a Little Dream of Me

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For fst

Oct. 31st, 2007 12:29 am
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The links are dead now, but if you'd like any of the songs listed, feel free to drop a line here.

[Dead Characters] [Manga] [Saiyuki Gaiden] Dharma Bums

Not exactly a spoiler, if you've read Saiyuki...
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Jien/Mama Sha
I feel like warnings are inadequate. I haven't marked this entry as adult content, because then it hides who the main characters are, and really no one should read this without being prepared for it. Non-con
A Day in the Life

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Saiyuki ficlet
co-written with [ profile] corellianrogue

In Transit

"I was the clean one last time."
"But you got yourself killed early. It shouldn't count."
"Why not, we always die early."
"...True, but I still say it shouldn't count."
"Look, just because we only lived together for a week that time, I still scrubbed the place."
"Yeah, and I had to clean up the blood splatter. I think that makes us even."
Huff, “ Well, I would of done it if I wasn't dead. We said we'd take turns. We never put a time limit on it. You're up."
"Look, next time it's my turn, I'll live longer, will that make up for it?"
"Only if I die messily, and you know I hate doing that."
"How bout next time, we both die of old age, and I'll clean your bed pan?"
"...Think I'd rather die messily."
"Point is, next time, no matter what, I won't leave you to clean it up."
"So we both die messily?"
Grin, “and together, in someone else's house."
Grins back, “ I think I could live with that."
"So you'll be the clean one this time?"
Sigh, “fine."
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I'm working on a series of fics retelling the Journey to the West/Saiyuki story as if it were folklore and fairy tales from around the world. I'm hoping to get around to doing four more.)

Title:Fairytales and Folklore: Africa
Beta:[ profile] rhosyn_du

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Title: Nightmares and Dreamscapes
Series: Saiyuki
Beta:[ profile] corellianrogue

Ukoku dreams.

He is alone. Around him stretches the void. It is limitless. He floats, completely aware that he is all there is in this perfect darkness, but that he too is an illusion. He is the figment of a sleeping mind. When he wakes the void will be true and there will be nothing.

The moon emerges. Pale reflected sunlight, it parts the clouds, revealing silhouettes of mountains and trees. It illuminates the world. He is standing on solid ground. His mind rails against the image. The moon lies, there is nothing in the darkness.

Breathing hard, Nii wakes.
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Monkeylove pt. 1
Beta by [ profile] andmydog

“He’s twenty.”

“I know.”

“Don’t you think it’s a little weird?”

“He was raised in a temple.”

”Yeah, but he’s not living there now.”

“We have been busy.”

“I know what I was like at twenty.”

“I remember.”

“It’s just not natural.”

“What do you suggest be done?”


“You’ve presented a problem that seems to require a resolution. Since you find it so upsetting, shouldn’t you think of a solution?”

“I don’t…”

“Perhaps you should take your concerns to Sanzo.”

“Cherry-chan? But…"

“He is Sanzo’s responsibility. I’m sure he’d want to be involved.”


“That was your intent.”

For fst

Mar. 8th, 2007 12:26 pm
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So did this ages and ages ago for FST where it was requested by [ profile] dusk_eyed
Just got around to putting it on 8tracks.

Muichimotsu from nina_vendredi on 8tracks Radio.

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Title: The Nature of Things
Series: Saiyuki
Beta rhosyn_du and andmydog

“Trap a bird in a cage. TTake away everything that defined it: its ability to fly, to sing. Create a situation where it is forced to live in a way that completely goes against its nature. Is that creature still a bird? In order to be what it is, it must live as it is meant to live. ...Maybe in its heart it remembers how to fly, and how to sing, and in its mind it does both these things and is joyful.”

"Koumyou.” said Ukoku sternly, “You’re ruining the game.” He tightened the straps on Koumyou’s wrists. “Stop talking.”


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