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I was reading comments on a review of Iron Man 3, like you do. I'd seen the movie, LOVED IT and wanted to see the nerd reaction.

Fanboys are angry because of the lack of racefail with the Mandarin.

I mean I know I should have known, given their response to everything is; ignore decades of conflicting canon for any given character, in favor of the one true interpretation regardless of how problematic that characterization might be. See also: boob window.

But seriously guys, if you say this movie was terrible and 2 was far superior, you really REALLY need to learn to watch movies critically.

Does it have flaws, yes of course 3 has flaws. But it's got less holes, and fewer offensive bits than the other two, and in a movie where your main villain calls himself the Mandarin" that says a lot.

Also Tony Stark is a motherfucking SCIENCE! ninja. That's just fucking awesome.
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Whoo hoo! I found Fun with Milk and Cheese at Half Price Books for $6.
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Stupid Merlin making me think about Books of Magic and me needing to be a completest.

Of course the fact that no one seems to want Books of Magic, is making this a hell of a lot cheaper then it was for me to find all of Seven Soldiers of Victory.
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Finally got around to reading Watchmen. Yeah, I know I fail my geek roll with how long it took me. I honestly don't know what my problem was the last five times I tried to read it. It is that awesome. If you haven't read it, fix that.

I also read Wanted. It was fun, but all I could think of was it was Slim Shady: Supervillan.
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I am a bad fan. I can't believe I missed this. I need to get to Comic Relief like NOW. And there will be back issues, oh yes, for I have spoken.

Edit: I went to the Comic Relief web page ( and almost cried again. The owner and general comic book hero, Rory Root died last week, which I knew, and it affected me then. But his family requests donations be made to the CLBDF.

Which reminded me that since I haven't gone to a con in 2 years, I haven't made my annual donation in 2 years. I really am a bad fan.

But if you've never heard of the CBLDF, you should learn about it.
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I don't do this often.


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