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I was already really not ok with Superman vs Batman. I think Zack Snyder has a great eye and a tin ear. I think Nolan is great with spectacle, but as soon as you think too hard, the plot falls apart. And I think Frank "Whores" Miller is a giant fucking misogynistic hack who has his place in comic book history, and needs to never be the spotlight again. I say this as someone who's read a lot of his work, and was at a con panel where we all booed when he announced he was going to do Batman vs Al Queda. (And he mocked us for being hippies because it was obviously because we were in SF, not because it was a stupid fucking idea)

I have SERIOUS reservations about the movie that's supposed to launch the Justice League being based on Miller's "Dark Knight Returns" and I really don't see Ben Affleck as that Batman. (I like Affleck but I think he does his best work in ensembles and with directors that favor subtlety, so not Snyder)

I also have reservations that it looks like TPTB have put their dirty hands all over Arrow and are introducing powers into that universe, as a way to introduce the Justice League on television. On the one hand I was enjoying the depowered versions, on the other I would actually approve of Stephen Amell being movie Green Arrow, but I don't want it to change the show.

So today I'm reading an article in the Mary Sue (from a couple of weeks ago, but whatever) where the rumor going around was that Bryan Cranston was going to play Lex Luther. And I thought, that could be awesome.

And then I had an epiphany. You want an old, bitter, war veteran Batman a la Miller? Cranston would have been EPIC.
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